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It is important that artwork is accesible to all, that art is a vital and living thing in our daily lives, that traditions feed the present rather than stagnate the past and that living artists thrive.

Es importante que el arte sea accesible para tod@s, que sea una parte vital en nuestra vida cotidiana, que las tradiciones alimenten el presente en vez de estancarse en el pasado y que los artistas vivos prosperen.


MISNōMA exists to support emerging artists, to cultivate creative community and host beautiful cross-arts festivals surrounding exhibitions and art fairs with music, dance and performance.

MISNōMA existe para apoyar artistas emergentes, cultivar las comunidades creativas y dar lugar a festivales cross-art que arropen exposiciones y mercados de arte, con música, danza y performances.


MISNōMA is looking for artists whose practice is embedded in both craft and creativity.

The next MISNōMA event will be in an exhibition in May/June 2019

in collaboration with emerging artists at The Barcelona Academy of Art 


The Wild and the Tame

Applications are open

Selections will be made by April 13th.

This exhibition is open to the BAA community.
Academy work/exercises will not be accepted, only
original work in any medium that relates to the theme.

*Contact Blanche with queries at –

Follow us at to find out what’s going, get to know our artists, and to find out about future events.


MISNōMA is piloted by Blanche Ellis @BlancheEllisArt

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